How to Order Online from Golden Corral Menu?

Nowadays, everyone needs to spend most of their time at home. They need everything to be shipped right at their doorstep so that they don’t have to travel anywhere. If this is exactly what you prefer, then Golden Corral can be considered a great option for you. You are able to order online from the menu of Golden Corral. To do so, just go to the Golden Corral official website and select the order online option. Then, enter your present location and it will show you the menu of your nearest Golden Corral restaurant and you are all set. You could create an awesome meal for upto 6 people. You could have items like beef, pork, seafood, chicken, beverages, factors, desserts and many others as well. If you’re hosting a party, you’ll be able to choose a variety of options from their catering menu.

Special deals at Golden Corral

The matter that makes a restaurant not the same as another restaurant is it’s menu. There are a few reasons for having the menu of Golden Corral that segregates it from other buffet restaurants. So let’s check it out.

1) Varieties

The most essential aspect which makes Golden Corral stick out using their competition is the variety that they feature in buffet menu. It is split into three major types-

Breakfast time Buffet Menu

Lunch Buffet Menu

Evening meal Buffet Menu

The Golden Corral Breakfast time Buffet menu includes cooked-to-order eggs, omelettes, bacon, sausage, buttermilk pancakes, crispy waffles, cinnamon rolls and much more. However the most enjoyed food item out of this section are the omelettes. The omelettes are produced from fresh eggs that are folded with different fillings.

The Golden Corral Lunch Buffet menu includes burgers, soup and salad or hot meal. However the most popular thing using their lunch buffet menu are their wide selection of Burgers. Their burgers are fire-grilled and offered together with the signature fungus rolls, along with a variety of toppings that enable you to build your own burger.

The Golden Corral Dinner Buffet menu includes stuff like fried chicken, meatloaf, and pot roast. In addition they help bakery rolls and snow cream option in their evening meal buffet menu as well. However the most popular thing off their menu is steaks that are prepared fresh every night of the week. For more information, visit, golden corral cost

2) Low Calorie Food Items

If you’re an eating plan conscious person, then you must be constantly checking for each and every calorie you consume. Golden Corral offers you a detailed dietary breakdown of almost all their food items. A few of their most low-calorie foods are listed below:

Salisbury Steak Meat- The Salisbury steak beef has a variety of meat options however the standard meat has 70 calories per portion.  Other low-cal meat options include Asian meat , BBQ beef, roast carved meat and taco beef meat.

Seafood- As most of you understand seafood items have high calories. But, Golden Corral menu has some low-calorie seafood stuff like breaded flounder seafood (120 calories), fried breaded seafood (90 calories), shrimp fajitas (70 calories).

Pork- You can even have some low-calorie pork options in the Golden Corral as well. You can get smoked pit ham (110 calories), BBQ boneless pork ribs (120 calories), pork sausage patty (80 calories) using their menu.

Salads- Salads are great choice for a low-calorie diet. Golden Corral has a bunch of salad options for affordable prices. Each salad option has around 35-40 calories.

Beverages- Obtaining a soda whilst having a diet program is not ideal. But, if you are in Golden Corral, then you can order No Sugar sodas like Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke as well.

Desserts- Golden Corral has a list of low-calorie desserts as well. There are several dessert options with significantly less than 400 calories. Apart from this, there are options like sugar-free pistachio cake that has around 100 calories in it.

3) Kids Menu

Nowadays, nearly every parent take their youngster to the restaurant with them which led to a little change in the menu of the majority of the restaurants. Due to which, they have a kids menu section present on their menu. Golden Corral is one of such restaurants having a Kid’s Buffet option on its menu.

Golden Corral welcomes children with their stores with low prices as compared to other buffet discounts. For children aged 4 to 8, the Golden Corral weekend buffet price is $6.99, whereas on normal weekdays, the price is $5.99.

If your child falls in the number from age 9 to 13, then on weekends, a child can have buffet for $7.99 and on weekdays, the cost for the same buffet will be around $6.99. And the best part is- if your youngster is old 3 or under, he/she can have his food free of charge in Golden Corral.

4) Senior Discounts

You could have additional discounts on the Golden Corral charges for senior citizens.

You will be charged a senior around $8.49 if he/she visits a Golden Corral store in weekdays from Monday to Friday. And the costs of Golden Corral buffet on the weekends are just about $14.49. A senior can have a weekend evening meal at Golden Corral for about $13.49.

However the Golden Corral senior special isn’t really the only reason why senior citizens love to visit Golden Corral. They have a soothing ambience which is one of the reasons that many senior wish to visit Golden Corral restaurants.

5) Adult Discounts

Don’t worry! If you not a youngster or a senior, Golden Corral got you covered using its savings for adult people. You can get a great buffet deal on the weekdays here for about $13.49. Whereas on the weekends, the Golden Corral buffet price hikes to $14.99.

If you’re planning to have a Golden Corral breakfast time buffet over a weekday, you will be charged you around $9.29. But on weekends, the price for Golden Corral breakfast time buffet is $9.89.