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Welcome to my blog TipsonCoffee.com. I am Rita. I am from Kerala, India.

For any South Indian, coffee is an integral part of the social and cultural milieu of Tamilnadu and Karnataka. In South India, coffee is a popular beverage that is customary drink. Being from South India, I can say that coffee drinking is almost a ritual in Southern India.

For all those who love their cup of coffee and wish to know more about their favorite beverage, I have much to offer, ranging from coffee facts and tips to coffee aficionados.

If one traces the popularity of coffee in South India, historically speaking, coffee was popularized by the British in India during the colonial rule. In India, Coffee Board played a vital role in the popularity of coffee. In South India, coffee or popularly said as ‘kaapi’ is a sweet beverage made from Peaburry, Malabar, and Robusta and Arabica coffee beans. The popular imagery of coffee in South India brings the vision of tumbler cups that offers piping hot coffee.

While talking about the coffee, how one can ignore its health benefits that act as a stimulant and helps in remaining fit due to the presence of anti-oxidants. If you are a diehard coffee lover, one must choose the right kind of roasted coffee for the perfect taste that includes:

  • Light roast: Popularly known as the American coffee, in the process of light roast, the beans are roasted until the beans retain their sugar and natural oil.
  • Espresso: While caramelizing the beans to the extant of roasting them, one gets espresso beans.
  • Dark roast: If you are a lover of stronger coffee, dark roast beans are just right for you!
  • French Roast or Vienna: in this process, the beans are roasted until it yields a richer taste. In this process, the beans start caramelizing to some extant.

If you are creative with your cup of coffee, you can add additional flavors such as chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut to make it more enjoyable.

Choosing a coffee maker can be a daunting task in case one is not clear about the kind of coffee maker one is needs. The market is full of branded coffee makers such as Keurig, Braun, Krups, Jura, Hamilton, Tassimo and many more. It depends on the user to know what kind of coffee maker he/she is looking for. One can choose from single cup to four-cup coffee makers depending on use and requirement. While buying the perfect coffee maker, just ask yourself:

  • How often you use the coffee maker.
  • Are you interested in grinding the beans on your own?
  • Do you have the time and clean the coffee makers?
  • Do you have the right budget?
  • How many cups of coffee do you require?

Always remember that coffee makers come in wide variety that includes both automatic and semi automatic machines. If you are looking for a budget friendly model, a drip model is the best machine. With high-end machines, one can program the machine and grind the beans, tamp them and get you a refreshing cup of coffee. Decide the coffee maker with extreme care and enjoy your coffee!

So, if you are a coffee crazy lover like me, then do keep on visiting my blog to read more posts filled with coffee and its info.

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