In our Western diet plan, we can have a tendency to lean towards the basic carb-y side of things when it concerns fast and simple breakfasts (and let’s be truthful, there’s something definitely tasty regarding a thick slice of buttered white toast, or crispy sweet muesli with milk). However, stabilising your blood sugar with the right mix of healthy protein, fats and complex carbohydrates will provide you sustained pep throughout the day, instead of that pre-lunch wreck that sees you reaching for yet one more coffee or snack.

This is why we need to be more aware of our diet and its nutrition. In this article, we take a look at some ideas that our cooking lessons Singapore courses often cover. Including that of sliders, desserts and our favourite ingredient, eggs.


There’s few things that beat a huge succulent burger, yet the slider is a certain challenger: all the benefits of a hamburger in a bite-sized treat. Try any of the below combinations:

  • Tuna & Sriracha Mayo
  • Mushroom Pate & Pickles
  • Roast Beef & Guacamole
  • Chicken Schnitzel


Cravings for sweets in your crowd constantly appreciate something sugary to round off a dish, and lunch is no different. The simplest alternative is to bake a slice (brownies are our favourite), awesome, piece, and offer dusted with icing sugar.

Another concept is to buy empty mini tart casings, fill in lemon curd or ganache, and add value with a tiny mint leaf for maximum elegance with minimal effort. Don’t fail to remember a fruit platter for those intending to simply revitalize their taste buds.

Eggs are the best

Favor a savoury start to your day? Consuming eggs at breakfast enhances a sensation of fullness, lowers calorie intake in the following meal and maintains constant blood sugar and insulin levels. Egg yolks consist of anti-oxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, plus choline which is important for mind and liver. They’re in fact remarkable.

The various other amazing aspect of eggs is the multitude of methods to offer them. Poached, fried and scrambled are all well and good, however you’re not restricted to enjoying eggs in this manner. Below are a few more inventive yet straightforward breakfast dishes making use of eggs:.

Attempt baked egg inside tomatoes, where the flesh of tomatoes is mixed with eggs and baked inside the tomato along with capsicum and spinach. Sprinkle feta or other cheese on the top prior to going into the stove.

Nutty quinoa can be an unanticipated yet attractive enhancement to the breakfast table, also. For a morning meal, serve it with warm smoked salmon and a runny, golden fried egg.

Omelettes can be loaded with whatever ingredients take your fancy. While egg whites provide you with 18 amino acids, egg yolk is a fantastic source of good fats. If you’re calorie-conscious, take into consideration mixing whole eggs with egg whites for reduced calories while still reaping the dietary benefits.